The Importance of Circuit Breaker Maintenance

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Circuit breakers are used in nearly most modern electrical systems, from residential homes to power plants. We rely on them to keep our systems safe from harmful overcurrents and short circuits. Devices that fail to trip properly during a faulted condition can cause fires, damage to equipment, and increased risks to workers performing electrical maintenance or operations. You can contact Zoom Electricians if you have any questions about the maintenance of your current circuit breaker. Explained below are the importance of these maintenance procedures that can be done on your circuit breaker before the electricians proceed to an outlet repair:

  • Over-potential test – The breaker is subjected to over-potential tests in the same way that insulation resistance tests are. This test ensures that the winding insulation meets a minimum insulation level for the safety of the building occupants and the electricians who are hired for emergency electrical services in LA.
  • Power system coordination – During a fault condition, protective device coordination ensures that all protective devices operate in the correct sequence. In other words, you wouldn’t want a feeder circuit that isn’t working properly to take the main out. If the equipment hasn’t been serviced, there will be no way to know what will happen during a fault condition.
  • Arc Flash Analysis – This type of analysis is used to calculate the worst-case arc flash hazard that personnel might face if an arc flash event occurs. Thus, electricians will be aware of the correct precautions to take and to wear the proper protective equipment before doing any electrical work.

A Perfect Guide in Doing Circuit Breaker Maintenance

A circuit breaker protects against electrical surges and fires by cutting power when levels become too high. A household or establishment is at significant risk for safety issues if its circuit breaker is not fully operational. On the other hand, because each circuit breaker operates in a slightly different manner, consulting a technician for 24/7 electrician services in LA can assist in determining the proper procedures. Some of these circuit breaker maintenance include:

  • Visual inspection – A simple visual inspection is an excellent way to identify physical problems such as insufficient lubrication, overheating, or loose connections. Some factors in the visual inspection can also be determined from the house’s overall condition.
  • Various condition testing – Various tests can be done during circuit breaker maintenance. Some of which are mentioned in the previous article. These are the main processes of any circuit breaker maintenance because these tests determine the device’s condition.
  • Cleaning – Aside from regular maintenance, proper cleaning can help prevent these issues by removing rust, dirt, and other foreign materials. If these substances are allowed to accumulate inside a breaker, they can cause power outages, potentially resulting in blown fuses, interrupted currents, or fires. However, a trained professional should be the one to perform the cleaning for your circuit breaker since they have the necessary tools for the job.
  • Certification and test reports – Any potential problem with the circuit breaker will be shown in the performed tests. A professional electrician will know what to improve for the device and can also suggest re-testing if required. It is necessary to consult your assigned electrician after they have gathered documentation regarding the condition of your breaker.

Do you have more questions about your circuit breaker? Learn more about circuit breaker guidelines from our other blog articles. You can also consult our certified electricians for fast assistance.


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