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Upgrade Your Electrical System For A Safe, Worry-free Home 

If you have an old home built during the 60s to 70s, chances are, the wirings in your home are mostly aluminum. Aluminum wires are considered dangerous due to it potentially causing fires from overheating. As a company dedicated to keeping our customers safe, Zoom Electricians recommends that you get your aluminum wiring replaced with copper wiring. Our seasoned electricians have the knowledge and skill to replace your wirings. Using modern tools and equipment, we can manage to safely replace all the aluminum wires in your home with precision and expertise. We go above and beyond when outlet repair services your home and wouldn’t cut corners to ensure that you have a safe and secure electrical system.

Dangers of Aluminum Wiring

Here are some reasons on why you should consider getting your aluminum wiring replaced:

  • Aluminum is soft and can easily have a loose connection and start a fire
  • Aluminum quickly expands and contracts with heat. When it contracts, the connection becomes detached and creates a fire hazard
  • Aluminum is a poorer conductor of electricity
  • Aluminum oxidizes if exposed to oxygen, causing deterioration its connection
  • Aluminum is prone to corrosion
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It is necessary to modernize and maintain your electrical wiring for safety reasons as well as to improve the efficiency of your home’s electrical system. However, only a professional electrician should attempt to do so to ensure proper installation in your wiring. Zoom Electricians has years of experience with installation, replacements, repairs, and maintenance of electrical wires for home electrical systems. Trust in our electricians that your home will be safe from electrical hazards. Zoom Electricians offers aluminum wire replacement for a safer and more efficient electrical system.

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