Should I Upgrade My Circuit Breakers To AFCI?

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If you live in an older building, you might want to read this article about upgrading your circuit breaker. Professional electricians say you should replace electrical panels every 25 to 40 years. So if your home is built in the 1980s and you plan outlet repair, you might consider upgrading to an AFCI breaker.

Arc-Fault Circuit -Interrupters are relatively new safety mechanisms for your electrical panel. AFCI devices are similar to GFCI devices because they have a test and reset button. The 1999 National Electric Code requires AFCI protection for branch circuits with bedroom receptacle outlets.

AFCI breakers detect arc-faults that are usual patterns produced by older home appliances. If you are still using your grandma’s appliances, chances are your AFCI breaker will trip more often than you’d like. In 2011, NEC required AFCI protection for new replacement outlets in any home.

So if you plan to upgrade your electrical panel, you might upgrade your breakers to the latest AFCI-compliant version. You can call Zoom Electricians for electrical panel upgrades. You can also count on us for emergency electrical services in Orange County.

You can contact our professional electricians through our hotline or by filling out our form with your contact details. We’ll schedule a callback at your preferred time, so you can set up an appointment with our licensed electricians.

Our licensed electricians have years of experience servicing and upgrading circuit breakers to the newer AFCI-compliant versions. So the next time you want your electrical panel serviced, don’t hesitate to call us and request an AFCI upgrade for your home’s electrical panel.

Find Out Why Your Arc Fault Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

If your AFCI breaker keeps tripping, you might want to hire 24/7 electrician services in Orange County to figure out the problem. But before the professional electricians arrive, what keeps your AFCI breaker from tripping?

  • Incompatible Devices

Older appliances in your home can cause your AFCI breaker to trip because they produce a certain mechanical arc pattern.

  • Faulty Appliances

Aside from incompatibility, faulty appliances can cause your AFCI breaker to trip. Damaged cords and plugs are some of the most common appliance problems that trip your AFCI breaker.

  • Damaged Wiring

Your AFCI breaker tripping can be due to something as minor as unknowingly putting a nail through a wire behind your wall. Pests chewing on your wires can also trip your AFCI breaker. On top of that, damaged wiring can be a shock and fire hazard if left unchecked by a professional.

  • Electrical Overload

Like any breaker, your AFCI breaker will trip if your electrical system is overloaded. Adding more appliances to your home can cause your breaker to trip.

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