3 Common Signs That You Need A Circuit Breaker Upgrade

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A circuit breaker’s main purpose is to shut off the circuit if there’s something wrong and protect the system from a short circuit or overload. If any issues are happening, it is advisable to let a licensed electrician handle the emergency electrical services in LA. This is to ensure the safety of you and your family. 

Zoom Electricians are always available and ready to assist you no matter what situation you are experiencing with your home’s electrical system. From installation to outlet repair, we are here to provide you with the best quality and safe electrical service for your home. 

  • Still Using Fuses: Older homes may use fuses to protect against short circuits. This means fuses generally can’t handle as much electricity as the circuit breaker, which must be upgraded.
  • Heated Components: Failing circuits can make the area around them hot to the touch. Contact an emergency electrician to handle the situation if you notice any heat from the tripped circuit breaker.
  • Frequent Tripping: When specific circuits are tripping too often, that may be an indication of a much bigger issue. You should immediately call an electrician to find out the exact cause of the issue.

How To Increase The Circuit Breaker Amps In The Electrical System

Suppose you recently noticed frequent tripping when using any of your appliances, this can happen if the circuit breaker doesn’t have enough amps to accommodate the demands of electrical usage. On the other hand, calling for 24/7 electrician services in LA will be the best option if you have any other electrical concerns.

It is important to have all the tools needed to increase the circuit breaker’s amps. Alternatively, it would be best to let a professional electrician assist you.

  • Get The Needed Circuit Breaker – Calculate the designed current needed to install.
  • Make The Needed Wire Size Selection For The Circuit Breaker: Once you know the needed circuit breaker, you can use the reference table to determine the right wire size.
  • Take Off The Pane’s Cover: Turn off the main breaker or disconnect the main power supply before you attempt anything with the breaker panel for your safety.
  • Disassemble The Circuit Breaker and Wire: Once you are certain, start taking the connection apart and disconnect the cables from the neutral wire and the circuit breaker by unscrewing them.
  • Install The Line Wire and New Circuit Breakers: Install the new circuit breaker and the new wire. Add tags to both for easy line tracing and more organized electrical wiring.
  • Check And Test The Connections: Recover the power and activate all the breakers after being covered once more. Next is to verify the supply using the multimeter. Always make sure to wear safety gears. 

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