Do Hot Tubs Need a GFCI Circuit Breaker?

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Hot tubs are the ultimate way to relax, unwind and enjoy some quality time with friends or family. But hot tubs can pose a serious threat if not properly wired. There are emergency electrical services in Orange County that you can trust, and Zoom Electricians is always ready to help you (we also do outlet repair). 

What is a GFCI Breaker?

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) breakers are designed to protect people from electric shock. They’re used in any circuit that is likely to be exposed to moisture or water, like outdoor receptacles and garage circuits. When there’s a current leakage in the circuit, the GFCI breaker shuts off power to that entire circuit, so you don’t get electrocuted by electricity flowing through your body.

So, no, hot tubs do not need a special GFCI breaker.

Hot tubs don’t require a GFCI circuit breaker. Instead, they have their own unique circuit breaker which is built into the hot tub itself.

It’s important to make sure that you always use an extension cord with your hot tub that’s rated for outdoor use (such as a heavy-duty extension cord or indoor/outdoor extension cord). 

If you want to be 101% sure, you can have GFCI.

If you have an extreme phobia of electrocution and want to be very sure, you may still use GFCI circuit breakers.

Make sure that it’s installed correctly. You should never install an outlet within 6 inches (15 cm) of anything wet such as sinks, showers, or spas.

How to Repair Hot Tub GFCI Circuit Breaker that Keeps Tripping

Electrical circuits and devices that are connected to a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) device have a maximum allowable current that must not be exceeded. A common problem with hot tubs is the GFCI breaker keeps tripping because it does not have enough amperage to operate as designed. And if yours keeps tripping, there are reliable 24/7 electrician services in Orange County that you can rely on.

If your GFCI breaker keeps tripping, it needs replacing.

First, test the outlet with a voltage tester to make sure it’s not damaged. If it passes the test, then you can install a new GFCI outlet on your hot tub.

To install a new GFCI outlet:

  • Disconnect the hot tub from its power source. 
  • Remove all of your existing outlets, including any switches if there are any inside of them, from their original locations by unscrewing them from their bases and pulling them out through their holes in the wall or flooring where they were originally installed. 
  • Figure out where you want your new GFCI outlet to go. You’ll want it somewhere near where people sit in the hot tub so that they don’t have to walk around too much when they want to turn it on or off. Once you’ve decided on a location for your new outlet, use an electric drill with a 3/8th inch bit and make holes for each screw that holds down the cover plate for your existing outlets.

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