Three (3) Simple Steps for Checking a Bad Circuit Breaker

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Getting the most affordable emergency electrical services in LA may be difficult. Due to the abundance of repair service providers, choosing the best electrical service provider can be challenging, particularly when discussing circuit breaker issues.

Everything on the circuit inside the home’s electrical panel is under the control of a circuit breaker. Circuit breakers, including appliances, lamps, and lighting fixtures, can break down. It might not be as expensive if you can catch this early. Suppose you’re not sure where to rely on electrical services, like outlet repair. In that case, the team of professionals in Zoom Electricians can provide excellent service for your valuable electrical system.

Moreover, how do you know if a circuit breaker is malfunctioning? Let’s look at these three simple steps for determining if a circuit breaker is bad.

  • Unplug all connected electronics – It is advised that you must disconnect all electronics from a circuit that you intend to modify. If you are aware, you can remove any appliances currently connected to a specific circuit to test. Unplug all the electrons. This is to stop surging, which could harm your electronics and unintentionally shock you. 
  • Remove the breaker panel – Ensure you have all the necessary tools and wear some electrical gloves. Remove the panel that spans the entire breaker system at this point. Your breaker cover may be held together by screws or a handheld lock, depending on how your home is set up. Either way, remove the panel cautiously to avoid dropping and breaking it.
  • Use a multimeter to probe – All you need to do is connect the red wire’s testing tip to the screw holding each breaker handle with care. Be cautious as you probe each breaker individually.

In general, there are several steps you can take to determine whether or not a circuit breaker is faulty. Similarly, symptoms and tell-tale signs indicate whether a circuit breaker is malfunctioning. It is important to consider when keeping your home safe from unintentional accidents. 

So, if you’re unsure what’s wrong with your electrical system, only Zoom Electricians should be trusted.

How to Replace a Broken Circuit Breaker?

Every circuit breaker in your home’s circuit breaker box monitors an individual circuit’s electrical current. If the circuit breaker detects a short, it will shut down to prevent a fire or circuit damage. Several factors can cause a trip in a circuit breaker. 

If there is no voltage reading, the circuit breaker is bad and must be replaced. Here’s how to do that: 

  • Step 1: Turn off the breaker you’re replacing by pushing the switch off and if you want to be safe, turn off the main circuit switch as well. This will completely turn off all of your home’s electricity. Before you begin, make certain that everyone at home understands your plan.
  • Step 2: Pull the exposed wires from the terminal with needle-nose pliers. Please ensure they do not come into contact with any other breakers. Pull up on the breaker’s side to release the clips and remove the breaker. Do not hold the metal bars in the box if you do not turn off the main power. 
  • Step 3: After that, turn the new breaker. Then, slide the new breaker’s clips into place and push it. Place the side with the terminals first. Hold the wires with needle-nose pliers while tightening the terminal screw. Make sure the screw is tight but not too tight, or it will strip. Reconnect the panel to the breaker box and reset your breaker. That’s it! Your new breaker should be fine. Excellent work!

Keep your family and home safe from any emergencies caused by a faulty circuit breaker! To learn more about us, contact Zoom Electricians and hire our experts now.

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