What Is An Electrical Panel Upgrade?

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An electrical upgrade is the complete updating or replacement of your electrical panel. It ensures that the receptacle is up-to-date with the current electrical service standards. Upgrading your electrical panel will accommodate more circuits, meaning a higher electrical capacity. 

Should you get an upgrade? There are several reasons you should! It could be that your electrical panel is showing signs of problems. According to electrical experts from Zoom Electricians, an upgrade will address issues and increase electrical safety in your home. 

So, start considering a panel upgrade near me. It will be especially beneficial if you notice electrical problems in your home. To help you understand better, we have created a list of signs you need an upgrade and how this service can benefit you. 

4 Signs You Need An Electrical Panel Upgrade or Replacement

When considering an electrical panel upgrade, you want to confirm the signs. We’re talking about the electrical problems in your home, including trips, scorch marks, and noises. But guess what? These are not the only ones. There are a few more you should take note of. Here are four signs you need an electrical upgrade. 

Frequent trips 

If trips have become frequent in your home, it’s an obvious indicator you need an upgrade. Trips happen when you have electrical issues. It could be there’s power-hogging, faulty wirings, loose connection, or bad breakers. 

With an electrical panel upgrade, your home will have brand-new connections and circuits. Your wirings are updated, and you can add more appliances with your increased electrical capacity. The best benefit you can get is just peace of mind. 

Weird noises 

If you ask, “Does electricity have a sound?” The answer is a big no! When smoothly flowing, electricity should not make any sound. If you notice weird noises from the wirings, the breaker box, or the electrical panel, then your electrical system is at risk. 

Mostly, you will hear buzzing sounds. They could mean an overloaded, loose, or improperly grounded wire. Popping or crackling noises should be associated with arcing, which needs urgent attention. 

Scorch marks 

Scorch marks, wherever you see them, are clear signs of problems. You will usually start smelling burnt odors around your home without knowing where they’re coming from. Eventually, you will see burnt marks on outlets, appliances, or the breaker box. If this is the case for you, an electrical panel upgrade should be in order. 

20-year old home 

Aside from obvious problems in your electrical system, you want to consider the age of your home. Is it 20 years and older? If it is, you can expect its electrical system to be outdated. An electrical panel upgrade should be a start! The panel upgrade cost in Orange County should be within your budget. 

The Benefits Of Upgrading Your Electrical Panel

We knew you’d ask! Since you are considering a panel upgrade, it’s just right to know its benefits. Aside from the overall peace of mind, we’d like you to know how it’s exactly beneficial for you. Here are five proven benefits you can get by upgrading your electrical panel. 


Nothing matters more than your home’s safety. If you get an upgrade, you can make sure that electrical problems are addressed. Whether faulty and loose wirings, trips, or power surges, an electrical panel upgrade is a definite solution. 

Increased electrical capacity 

You will love it if you have more power at home. If you are planning a renovation, you have more freedom to add appliances and devices. With an upgraded electrical panel, you won’t have to worry about electrical capacity. You know that you have extra circuits to accommodate your modern home comforts. 

A more energy-efficient home 

Older panels consume more energy. This means you will be paying more for your electricity bills. A newly-upgraded one will get the job done without using too much energy. You save money, and at the same time, your home is compliant with the electrical standards. You will be happy to live an energy-efficient lifestyle with your electrical system working at its best. 

Reduced maintenance costs 

With your old electrical panel, you can expect to spend more. You could pay for repairs and maintenance to keep it working. If you consider an upgrade, it will be a definite solution to electrical problems. It could also lower costs for future repairs as you will no longer have to experience problems for a while. 

Increased home value 

You want your home to be marketable. In case you find another place to live, a home with an upgraded electrical system is more salable. What’s more, it could have an increased value. People will prefer a property that follows electrical safety standards. So, there’s a greater benefit you can get out of just upgrading your electrical panel. 

With your concern for enhanced electrical safety, an electrical upgrade should be on your list. If you see signs of electrical problems in your home, an upgrading service will be your best bet. 

There are several signs you need an electrical panel upgrade. Trips are the most obvious indicators. If your existing electrical panel frequently trips, it could really use an update. You can also look out for scorch marks as another clear sign. Burnt marks mean there’s a risk of fire in your home. By upgrading your electrical panel, you can prevent unprecedented accidents. 

Another thing to consider for an upgrade is the age of your home. If your home is 20 years old and above, then it most likely has an old electrical system. You will notice you still use a fuse box that is now obsolete. An upgrade will ensure that your home follows the current electrical standards and regulations, 

If you consider an upgrade, you will be in for a number of benefits. You can make sure your home is safer and more energy efficient. An upgraded system will also save money and elevate your property’s value. 

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