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All homes and businesses have electrical panels to ensure their electricity is properly distributed and won’t have to suffer from shocks and grounds. But what exactly does an electrical panel do, and why do some homes need an upgrade? Zoom Electricians shares the details about electrical panels and why they are important. 

The guide also shares what to look out for to know it’s time to get a panel upgrade. Therefore, you know when to search for a reliable panel upgrade near me. So, let’s start by knowing what an electrical panel is.

Electrical Panel – What is It?

Before anything, what is an electrical panel and do we need one at home? An electrical panel is a small metal box to which fuses are connected. You can find this box in your basement wall or hidden so that it won’t ruin your home’s aesthetic. Though it may seem out of place, an electrical panel is important for a fully functioning home. 

But how will you know if you need an electrical panel upgrade in San Diego? There are signs you might not notice or things you do that require an upgrade, but you don’t know about it then. So, here is what you need to look out for. 

6 Signs That Say You Need A Panel Upgrade

  • Flickering lights when using appliances.

Flickering lights while using an appliance means your panel cannot handle the load, and your appliance is taking up electricity that is supposed to give life to your lights. Therefore, you should check with your electrician to confirm that you need an upgrade. 

Your electricians will also help you determine how big of an upgrade is needed, especially if it has been years since you bought your house and you added appliances, light fixtures, and devices that consume more energy compared to the first time you moved.

  • Sparks when you plug a device.

Sparks are not ideal when using outlets, so it means you have a panel problem that needs immediate attention. First, stop using the outlet and check with your electrician to inspect the problem. 

Once inspected and your electrician suggests a panel upgrade, avail of one immediately. An upgrade will prevent sparks in the future and guarantee your appliances and devices are safe anytime you plug them into your outlet. 

  • The panel is warm when you touch it.

Though an electrical panel is where all energy passes through, it shouldn’t be hot to the touch. If you notice your panel is warm, it cannot handle the electricity demand your home needs and will require an upgrade. 

Ensure t upgrade to a modern and bigger panel so if in the future you buy new appliances, add new devices, and fixtures that need electricity to function, you won’t worry about your panel. 

  • You use extension cords.

Extension cords are often misused. Plugging multiple devices into an extension cord will take a toll on your outlet and affect your electrical panel. If you have limited outlets at home, it’s time for a panel upgrade. 

When you upgrade your panel, you can also add more outlets since the outlets you have at home is what your panel can handle. So, upgrading means more outlets for your appliances and devices without overloading your panel. 

  • You have a rusty and old panel.

If your electrical panel is rusty and old, it is an obvious sign of a change. Rust will damage your panel and everything connected, so avoid bigger expenses by upgrading your panel immediately. 

If you have an older panel, it’s time to get the most common and modern one today. This way, when minor damages need repair and parts need a replacement; you won’t have trouble finding them.

  • You need to constantly flip your breakers.

Flipping breakers should not be on your daily to-do list; if you constantly do this throughout the day, you have a problem with your panel. Don’t hesitate to get an upgrade immediately, for you will benefit from it. 

Also, don’t attempt to fix your panel yourself. Knowing a reputable electrician to do the job is important so you are safe and won’t suffer from accidents caused by your faulty electrical panel.


These signs you might overlook is a reminder you need an electrical panel upgrade soon. If you haven’t noticed these signs, your panel works perfectly. But, always be mindful of how you use your outlets, how many lights and appliances are turned on simultaneously, and if there are small signs that indicate your panel is having difficulties. This way, you can avoid bigger expenses requiring you to get more services than just an upgrade. 

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