How Much Does Electrical Panel Relocation Cost?

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An electrical panel is an important part of your home’s electrical system. Since this is important to your home’s operation and safety, it must operate well and follow the current residential electrical code. If you are experiencing any concerns or need to service the electrical panel, Zoom Electricians is here to assist you.

We provide our customers in Orange County with a complete range of electrical services, including panel relocation, upgrade, and replacement. Whenever you are looking for a reliable panel upgrade near me, let us help you. The electrical panel helps regulate the electricity from your local utility company and sends this back to your home’s appliances and outlets. An electrical overload can cause fire, and the purpose of the electrical panel is to break the circuit and regulate the electricity system to keep you and your home safe.

At some point, moving the electrical panel may be needed due to different reasons. However, this task is not for DIY, and a professional electrician must handle it to ensure safety. There are different reasons why homeowners would like to relocate their electrical panels. Whether for aesthetic purposes or safety. When it comes to its cost, an average cost would be between $1000 to $4000 or more, depending on the amount of work that will be needed to complete the job. However, the national average may range from $1107 to install a main electrical panel.

But you may always call our hotline to assist you in checking the condition of the electrical panel and find out the possible cost for the job.

Simple and Safe Procedure on How To Relocate The Electrical Panel

Regarding a panel upgrade in Orange County, it is highly recommended to seek help from a professional electrician to ensure that it is properly handled and for your safety. Doing this task may require extensive knowledge and skills to prevent any issues from happening once it is in use. Aside from this, this also applies to the sub panel in Orange County. 

Working with electricity can be quite dangerous. If the job isn’t done properly, this may lead to fatal accidents. This is why it is highly recommended to let a professional electrician perform the task and to prevent the high risk of electrical shock and other accidents. Aside from knowing how much it would cost to relocate the electrical panel, here are steps to relocate the electrical panel.

  • Ensure your house’s power is off.

This is the first step to ensure your safety. The only way to safely handle the electrical wiring is to ensure no wires are energized. Electrical shock can cause pain, injury, and even death if there’s enough voltage.

  • Remove The Panel’ Cover

This step ensures that nothing could block the electrician and the panel while doing the relocation process. Four to six screws often secure the external panel. Electricians would accordingly unscrew them and store the removed screws safely.

  • Location And Disconnection of Wires

This step and the rest mark the most tedious part of the project. In this step, an electrician would remove each of the wires connected to the breakers. The later goal of removing all the wires is to reach the main service wire, which supplies the electricity to your house. Some electricians would take a picture of the panel before this step to ensure that the wires would be correctly attached later.

  • Wire Markings, Denotation of Function

The electrician will take the chance to mark and imprint any note on the disconnected wires. This is done to prevent mistakes from being made while reinstalling the wires to the circuit breaker later on. Each wire removed must be installed to the same breaker where it was connected before. Each breaker regulates a different amount of electricity which also applies to the electric wires. An incorrect installation of the wires can result in a breaker ineffectively managing the power, which could start a fire.

  • Main Power Line Disconnection

After all the wires are removed from their respective breakers, electricians would disconnect the primary electrical wire so that the rest of the panel can be removed from the attachment to the wall. The lugs that secure the main power line differ from the regular wires within the panel. With this, you may need to use larger tools to help loosen it.

  • Detachment of The Box and Reinstallation

After detaching the box, the electrician refits the panel to the relocation area, and the wires are also rerouted to the new location for installation.

It is highly recommended to let a professional electrician take over to ensure that it is properly worked on and for your safety. The slightest mistake on the job can cause fatal accidents such as electric shock, injury, and even fire.

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