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Electrical installations are no joke! That’s why we hire experts to deal with wiring connections in our home. You recently hired a service you trusted, only to know there are errors in the installation. While you can only regret your previous actions, you’ve got to have plan B! How do you reverse the mistakes in your electrical installations? 

According to the electrical experts from Zoom Electricians, electrical installation errors are possible and quite common. However, a professional service should be able to avoid this and pull off reliable wirings. The good news, though, is that if you discover mistakes in your electrical wirings, you can actually reverse them. 

If the lapse is in the electrical circuits, you can hire a new electrical circuits installation service to inspect the existing circuits in your home. Your hired electrician should already know how to get around these circuit errors and find out related problems. Make sure you choose a certified service to guarantee the success of your electrical installation the second time around. 

Hiring a reliable electrical installation service is the absolute best solution to your problem. However, before hiring another service, you must acquire some knowledge of the possible faults in your electrical system. To help you, we have listed the most typical electrical installation errors and how an electrician can rectify them. 

Common Errors Found in Electrical Installations

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Common Errors Found in Electrical Installations

You have accepted the fact that there are lapses in your electrical installations. However, you would wish to learn what exactly you are dealing with. Here are common electrical installation errors that you should know about. 

  • Loose and exposed wires. Loose cables or wires are one of the most common errors in electrical installations. Loose wires can become messy coming out from the walls and ceilings. They can pose harm when they come in contact with people, especially when they are live wires. 
  • Scratched wires. More than loose wires, scratched wires are even more dangerous. After an electrical installation, check out cables for nicks and scratches. The scratches may have resulted from a careless installation that hurt the insulation of the wires. 
  • Incorrect wiring layout. Incorrect wiring layouts are easily noticeable! Especially in basements, some may install them using plastic staples. You should know that proper electrical installations must follow codes. As recommended, one should purchase running boards where one can fix and run wires. 
  • Loose and incorrect connections. For sure, you’ve noticed electrical tapes in your electrical wirings. While electrical tapes provide immediate solutions to loose wirings, they are not practical! What’s more, they can only pose risks of electrocution. If you notice that the electrician did not use proper wire connections, that’s definitely wrong! 
  • Wrong circuit breakers. Wrong circuit breakers mean they do not follow the codes. A trusted electrician should be up-to-date with code revisions and know which standard breakers to use. Nowadays, GFCIs and AFCIs are mostly used. If the problem in your installation lies in the breakers, then perhaps the electrician used an outdated one. 
  • Hidden junction boxes. One needs to consider several things when installing junction boxes, and one is their location. When placing junction boxes in your home, they should be somewhere safe and far away from common areas where people gather. However, they should be easily accessible. 

If, after the installation, you notice that they have buried your junction boxes or have hidden them where they are not easy to access, then that’s a terrible mistake! 

  • Open junction boxes. You must know that junction boxes come with cover plates. It’s never enough to feel confident because the junction wires look clean and well-placed. Your junction boxes should come with a protective cover to safeguard the cables and keep them away from human contact. 
  • Overloaded electrical boxes. It’s never a good idea to compact wires in an electrical box. If you think you’re saving money by doing this, you’re certainly not! You will only risk your home of possible fires. Investing in a bigger box or asking your electrician to size the wires properly would be best. 
  • Ungrounded sockets. Old socket designs only have hot and neutral screws. However, regulations change, and they only aim for enhanced safety in homes and other properties. Nowadays, codes require the use of receptacles with a third grounding connection. Before any installation, make sure to purchase grounded receptacles. 

Top 5 Solutions To Common Electrical Installation Problems

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to your electrical installation problems. How you can reverse installation errors always involve several steps. If you’re curious about how you can get around these problems, we have compiled the top five solutions to common installation errors below. 

  • Invest in quality electrical components. Above anything else, you want to make sure you have the standard electrical components. By standard, it means junction boxes, cables, and other parts that follow the new electrical codes and regulations. It would benefit you if you already know what your home or property requires. 
  • Care to inspect the installation work of your electrician. Before, during, and after every electrical installation, you should care to inspect your electrical system. If you hire a service electrician, there’s no harm in checking their work for any inconsistencies. You will usually notice any as you test your lights, gadgets, and appliances. 

If, in any case, you notice any errors, you can take note of them and report them to the electrician. They can reverse these errors for you and ensure better wirings. 

  • Have immediate solutions at hand. Immediate solutions to electrical installation problems include the use of electrical tapes. As mentioned above, they can temporarily aid exposed wires and loose connections. After discovering such installation mistakes, have electrical tape at hand to secure them. 
  • Hire a certified electrician. Communicating with a certified electrician is the most important solution to any electrical installation issues. Authorized companies like Zoom Electricians have licensed electricians you can hire for any of your electrical needs. A certified electrician will know their way around any installation problems. 
  • Learn the basics of your electrical system. If you haven’t considered this, it’s time you do! It will benefit you and your property in the long run if you try to learn the basics of electrical systems. You should at least know which electrical components usually incur damage and cause problems so you can prepare yourself whatever happens. 

It’s important to note that problems in electrical installations are normal. Although you can feel quite disheartened by these errors, there’s always a way to rectify them. The second time around, you should make sure that you have the help of a reliable electrician to guarantee that the installations in your home are safe and secure. 

If you think our article helped you solve your problem, you can actually check out more to help you out further. We continue to write comprehensive blogs to assist people in their electrical needs. For your servicing needs, we highly recommend Zoom Electricians. Please contact them to inquire about your needed service. 

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