Is it Fine to Add Another Circuit to My Panel?

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Fuses or circuit breakers are provided for each circuit in a standard enclosure by a panel composed of an electricity supply system that separates an electrical power flow into subsidiary circuits. Every panel is necessary to have an organized flow of electricity in your home, mainly aligned circuits. An electric circuit consists of a source of energy for the charged particles that make up the current, like a battery or generator; sources of current-using equipment, like lamps, electric motors, or computers; and connecting wires or transmission lines.

But can you add another circuit to your panel? Doing so is fine as long as you have the right tools and skills to complete the work. The instructions placed within the panelboard limit the number of circuit breakers that can be installed. However, the NEC stipulates that a single cabinet may only include 42 overcurrent devices. So before you add another circuit to your panel, make sure there is still space available for the new one to avoid crowded panels that may soon lead to malfunctions. While diagnosing your panel, inspect its condition and model to see if it can still carry another circuit to be sure.

According to experts, adding a new circuit to your panel is not prohibited but must be made with great caution, just like any electrical work. These tasks are very technical and dangerous as they may even cost lives and structural damage. To be well-guided, refer to the list below for the step-by-step guide to adding a new circuit to your panel at home.

  1. Power Down, Then Remove The Cover
  2. Test to Make Sure it’s Dead
  3. Insert a Cardboard Safety Shield
  4. Run the Cable Through the Clamp
  5. Push Until the Jacket Enters the Clamp
  6. Route the Cable and Install the Breaker
  7. Strip and Clamp
  8. Ground and Pigtail go to the Neutral Bus
  9. Test the Installation and Finish the Job

The given steps above are guaranteed to be efficient, but you must put in mind to prioritize your safety above all. So if you think you can not do the job appropriately, do not worry, as we at Zoom Electricians are here to provide the best new electrical circuits installation. Rest assured that with this installation we offer, you will be fulfilled by us with great satisfaction because of the undeniable top-class work results. Fulfilling electrical tasks is indeed a hassle and difficult to do, which is why we provide the steps you may follow here. But if things don’t go according to plan, know you can rely on us.

Is 100 Amps Service Panel Enough for a House?

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An electrical service panel must be installed in every home to attain a safe and organized electrical system. They organize and protect the establishment’s electrical wiring system, which is the most fragile and dangerous system of wires. The panel board organizes the most crucial parts of an electrical system so that professionals can quickly fix it. But most of you do not know that there are numerous panel amperages you may choose from. Choosing the right amps of a panel for your home will help you keep yourself from acquiring unwanted problems in the long run.

The National Electrical Code (NEC) stipulates that panels must have a minimum amperage of 100 amps; however, 150 amps are becoming more typical these days. Although electrical panels in the 100- to 150-amp range are often adequate for most homes, many offer 200- and 400-amp models. So, is 100 amps enough for a single house? It mainly depends on so many factors. Usually, a medium-sized home with multiple 240-volt appliances and central air conditioning can be powered by a 100-amp service panel. For a much more precise answer and electrical work for your home, have our trusted experts to assist you.

If you want to choose the right service panel amperage for your home, the first thing you must consider doing in looking for the best amperage for your home electrical panel is to calculate the electricity load of your home. It is the only thing you can do for you to find the right panel amperage suited to your home. Having the right amperage of your home will free you from possible electrical failures. And because we care for you, here are the tips that will help you properly maintain your service panel at home and your entire electrical system.

  1. Have a professional inspection – Getting an annual electrical check is usually a good idea. It’s crucial to have your system inspected by experts, whether you want to upgrade your wiring or if a severe storm caused some damage to your system. Not everything that works necessarily goes well. Inspections find minor flaws before they grow into major ones.
  2. Check outlets with a multimeter – You can measure voltage and current with the help of a multimeter, which is a useful device. You can use it to inspect switches, test batteries, and identify circuitry issues. A multimeter can be very helpful in giving a homeowner peace of mind by letting them know when an electrician needs to be called and when a simple fix might be possible.
  3. Check cords and wires – Replace any frayed or broken wires. Internal wiring may become visible as wires and cords deteriorate over time. If nothing is done, there is a serious risk that a fire will start. Make sure that no electrical cords are crossing rugs or doorways. It might be time to add outlets to your home if you’re struggling to find a space to plug in all of your gadgets.
  4. Upgrade your home to 220-volt service – Different appliances use different voltage standards. For instance, appliances like dryers, ovens, and water heaters require a higher voltage (230 volts as opposed to 110 volts) than computers, televisions, and other gadgets. Because of this, it’s crucial to have an electrical system that can handle 110-volt and 220-volt circuits. Your local electrician can easily set this up for you.

By taking note of the given information and following the tips, you can ensure your home is free from possible electrical failures no one would ever want to encounter.

Waste no time and hire the trusted experts of Zoom Electricians for an effective and safe electrical service you wouldn’t want to miss. Call us now to book your desired appointment.

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