How to Tell if an Electrical Panel is Faulty?

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Zoom Electricians believes in a simple analogy that perfectly sums up the importance of your electrical panel. The electrical panel is in charge of supplying power to your appliances like a human heart pumps and delivers blood into our brain and other internal body parts. Electrical panels are also vulnerable.

There are also numerous hazards in your home that can jeopardize the performance and safety of your electrical panel. However, warning signs can help you determine when to contact skilled electricians.

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The following signs indicate that your electrical panel needs to be updated, as repairs can be dangerous and expensive.

1. The circuit breaker trips frequently.

Circuit breakers will eventually trip, and you must reset the lever to the “On” position to restore power. However, if your circuit breakers frequently trip, you must consider the electrical panel.

Examining the lifespan of your circuit breakers can help you figure out why they are acting this way. Circuit breakers typically last 30 to 40 years, so replacing a panel as early as its 30th year of service is a good idea. You can replace the circuit breakers, but it’s time to upgrade the panel if the tripping problem persists.

2. Lights Dimming

Lights dimming are a common sign of electrical system trouble, and a faulty electrical panel is one of the most common causes. The rule underlying this issue is straightforward: the lights receive insufficient voltage. Major appliances must have their circuits. This eliminates the risk of an overloading circuit in your electrical panel. However, your electrical panel may be to blame if your lights continue to dim despite having dedicated circuits for your larger appliances.

3. Rust and corrosion

This is the most common sign that your electrical panel needs to be replaced. A rusted, corroded electrical panel is no longer safe or functional. A visual inspection by an electrician is sufficient to warrant a safety concern report to the owners. Replace a rusted panel right away to avoid a dangerous situation.

Trust A Professional

A faulty electrical panel is a problem that Zoom Electricians can solve. We’ve been dealing with this issue for many years, so you can be confident that when you call us, we’ll get the job done quickly.

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We want to assure you that our work is by all local and state codes, ensuring that your home will be marketable and valuable for many years. Whether you’re buying an older home, selling your home, or simply remodeling to bring it up to code, our experts have the experience and skill to get the job done completely and safely, especially with the electrical panel services.

Easy Steps on How to Replace My Electrical Panel

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You may be wondering if you can replace the electrical panel on your own as a homeowner. If you were already qualified, trained, and certified electrician with years of experience, the answer would be “yes.”

However, if you lack training and knowledge, taking on this type of project on your own is not only a bad idea; it could be dangerous and cost you more money to resolve than if you had hired a professional to handle the work in the first place.

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Now take a look at these easy steps to replace an electrical panel.

1. Turn off the main power.

The safest and most basic way to shutdown a circuit is to turn off the power at the electrical service panel, which interrupts power to the two hot bus bars running down through the service panel. When turning an electrical circuit breaker on or off, careful electricians always stand to the side of the service panel and turn their gaze away from the panel until the transition is complete. When working with electrical components and devices, some electricians wear safety glasses.

2. Remove the cover plate from the breaker panel.

Remove the screws that hold the electrical panel cover plate in place. Leave the two middle screws in place until last and remove the corner screws. To keep the cover from falling to the ground, loosen the two remaining screws while holding it in place. As you remove and set aside the cover, take care not to tip it into the panel.

3. Remove the old circuit breaker

The breaker should release and pull away from the electrical panel. Avoid touching the metal bus bar to which the breaker was attached. The breaker is guaranteed to be inactive once removed from the panel as it is not in contact with either of the panel’s hot bus bars anymore.

4. Disconnect the wires

Unscrew the screw terminal gripping the black circuit wire connected to the breaker. If you are replacing a GFCI or an AFCI circuit breaker, the breaker will have a neutral circuit wire connection and a coiled white pigtail wire that runs to the neutral bus bar in the panel. Unplug these wires.

5. Connect the wires to the new electrical breaker

Attach the black circuit wire to the new circuit breaker by inserting the bare end of the wire into the breaker’s screw terminal and tightening the screw. This terminal may be labeled LOAD or LOAD POWER on some electrical breakers.

6. Replace the panel and turn the power on

This will prevent a sudden surge in electrical demand when the main electrical circuit breaker is activated. Turn the main circuit breaker lever to the ON position with all circuits turned off. Now, turn each branch circuit breaker to the ON position one by one.

The good thing is that you can call an expert at Zoom Electricians. You have nothing to worry about because our team will send one of our highly trained and licensed electricians to repair or install your electrical devices.

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