Electrical Panels – Why Upgrading Before Christmas is a Must

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An electrical panel is a small box containing your circuit breakers and fuses and is the main source of electricity. It is where power is distributed before traveling through electric wires and powering appliances, light fixtures, and devices. An electrical panel is essential to every home, especially if you want to experience the best electrical system functionality. 

But why do we need an upgrade before Christmas? If you’re curious to know the answer, Zoom Electricians explained why upgrading your panel is important before the start of the Christmas season. Let’s learn about panel upgrades before finding the best panel upgrade near me today.

Electrical panels hold all electricity in your home, and adding tons of Christmas lights in time for the holidays will take a toll on your panel. So, here are the reasons you should know to convince you to get your much-needed electrical panel upgrade today. 

  • You’ll be using many lights. 

Upgrading your electrical panel before plugging in tons of Christmas lights guarantees you won’t experience an overload. We know how festive things can get during the holidays, and one set of Christmas lights is not enough to match your festive energy. Therefore, ensure your electrical panel can provide the right electricity to power your lights, appliances, and devices. 

  • It will help increase your electricity’s voltage. 

Older homes with an old electrical panel may only have a 120-volt power breaker. This step might seem like a lot, but times have changed, and we can no longer move about without electricity. Nowadays, every appliance, device, light fixture, and HVAC system is electrically powered, and if you don’t upgrade your electrical panel, it will cause major issues. 

Imagine having every major appliance turned on, with lights and devices plugged in while adding Christmas lights to cover your home. This situation may make your electrical panel give up, leading to explosions and fire hazards. So, upgrading to a bigger and better electrical panel is a must. 

  • You can guarantee it can handle more appliances. 

Upgrading your electrical panel means increasing its capacity to handle more appliances and devices. You won’t have trouble plugging thousands of Christmas lights while using appliances and devices. You can rest assured that your panel won’t break or trip while simultaneously using every appliance and light. 

  • You have room for expansion.

If you focus on upgrading your electrical panel solely for Christmas, you might think it is not that important. But, if you focus on the bigger picture, you’ll see the benefit of upgrading your panel. If you have plans on buying more appliances, adding devices, or want to add a room to your home, then upgrading your electrical panel is the best way to go. 

Not only will it hold all Christmas decorations that need electricity, but you can also be assured that your panel can handle anything you want to be added to your home. Therefore, don’t think twice about getting the panel upgrade, even if you’ll only be using the lights during Christmas. You’ll benefit from an upgrade in the long run; Christmas is just the cherry on top.

  • Your safety is guaranteed.

Who would want to experience shocks and fire incidents in the middle of festivities, right? Upgrading your electrical panel guarantees safety as you enjoy Christmas with family and friends. Even if every guest needs to charge a device while you’re preparing food using electrical appliances and having your Christmas decorations on full display, your electrical panel can handle everything. 

Electrical Panel Upgrade: How Much Does It Cost?

Now we’ve established the importance of an electrical panel upgrade, you may look for options to get the best service. But how much does a panel upgrade cost in LA? We’ll break it down for you. 

An electrical panel upgrade depends on the size of your panel, the placement, and the labor cost in your area. 

  • In LA, you could have a proper panel upgrade for about $1,000 to $4,000, including labor. 
  • Moving an electrical panel to another area will cost around $500 to $2,000, depending on the location. 
  • If you need a complete upgrade with a meter and electric panel box, you could spend around $4,000 to $8,000.

Whichever you need, know that this is an upfront cost. The result of this upgrade will benefit you and will last a lifetime. If you want the best service, opt for an experience electrical service provider that can deliver the best quality results. Zoom Electricians can deliver the highest quality services at the best price today!

Are these tips helpful when deciding on an electrical panel upgrade? We have more tips and tricks you can use to ensure your electrical system is always functioning at its best, so visit our website to learn more about them. You may call us anytime if you need professional services for your electrical system.

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